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Helping school leaders show up more fully with courage, clarity, and vision.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to create peak professional learning and development opportunities that afford the integration of leadership skills and capacities, deep personal insight and positive professional growth in order to be a transformative leader in Montessori educational communities in the world.

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Why Attend?

Montessori education aids the optimum development of human beings from birth to maturity. This course is designed for Montessori leaders who seek personal fulfillment and competency in their lives and work through their own optimum adult development as transformational leaders. Leading schools and educational communities that educate for human potential is a profession requiring its own comprehensive toolbox. Each course offers a hands-on, experiential and applied approach to the skills and concepts of a transformational leadership methodology within a “whole school” Montessori context. It offers participants an understanding of how to lead in the midst of change and complexity in an ever-evolving world. Modules include the inner work of the leader in developing self-differentiation, courage, clarity, compassion and presence in the Montessori workplace. Now, more than ever, Montessori schools need conscious, inspired, and wholehearted leaders who are equipped to advocate for a sustainably healthy community for children, families, and staff. At the heart of any Montessori leader’s work is love of the child and the capacity to activate a community in service to each stage of life.



Modules for Montessori Administrators

Montessori Leadership, Instructional Leadership and School Culture, Change Management Theory and Practice, & More.



Weeks of study

One onsite week-long course is followed by 3 weeks of online video conferences featuring both interaction with peers and individual coaching and mentoring.


Our Impact

This training is holistic and life changing.

It had a tremendous impact on the the kind of leader I am today and I am grateful I had the opportunity to take the training.

Elizabeth Zifcak, Head of School at Fernwood Montessori

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